5 Travel Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (2019 Edition)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re probably on the hunt for a thoughtful, functional yet affordable gift for your partner, husband or boyfriend. Does he love to travel as much as you do? Consider gifting him a travel accessory for your next adventure together. Check out these Valentine’s Day travel-inspired gift ideas for the man in your life (all under $50!) 5 Travel-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him – 2019 Edition This post contains affiliate links. If you…
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5 things to pack to make your Airbnb stay feel like home

Wonder how to make your Airbnb stay feel more homely? After staying at more than 30 Airbnb homes in the past 2 years, I learned that there’s a few items that you can bring with you to take the coziness and hygge levels up a notch. If you’re traveling and staying at an Airbnb, I highly recommend adding these items to your packing list. I swear it will make a huge difference! Your favorite tea As much as I like…
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5 Tips for Healthy Skin while Flying

Long haul flights can be tedious (especially if you’re flying economy), but can also present an opportunity to leave your phone aside for a while and catch up on some reading, movies and podcasts with zero interruptions (hope free WIFI on planes doesn’t become a thing anytime soon!) Before I indulge in all that, I make sure I condition and hydrate my skin well. They say air time can wreak havoc on your skin due to the recycled air that…
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Removing make up on the go

Last year I wrote a post raving about using coconut oil as an eye make up remover. As a serial oil cleansing fanatic, I developed a system to ensure I always have coconut oil at hand: I buy a large jar and then fill little containers and place them in my vanity, bathroom, work desk drawer and I also have one that is exclusively for travel use. Two issues I experience with this though: 1) I don’t feel comfortable carrying…
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My holiday handbag essentials

When on holiday, you want to carry just the minimal essentials, especially if a lot of walking is involved (there’s nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag with you all day while sightseeing). I used to take too little in my handbag before and I would many times to end up buying stuff on the go such as tissue papers or bottled water, which is a complete waste and so easily avoidable with better prep in advance. Currently, I have…
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A Quick Guide to Getting a Tailor-Made Dress in Hoi An (Vietnam)

If you’ve ever been to Hoi An, or Vietnam for that matter, you will know that custom-made clothing is a big thing there. You can create any design you want and the talented tailors will be able to recreate it for you in a couple of hours and for less than what you would pay for a similar item in H&M. So when I went pass this tailor shop in the old town area and saw the beautiful linen fabrics,…
Hoi An
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Affordable date ideas in Hong Kong

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world. You can easily spend $100 USD on a meal for two at a trendy restaurant and while I love doing that once in a while, it’s certainly not something I can afford to do on a weekly basis. Having lived in Hong Kong for almost 3 years, my husband and I are at a “been there, done that” kind of phase where we gravitate…
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Cars of Havana

I’ve never been a big fan of cars…until I went to Havana, Cuba and fell in love with all the colourful, kick-ass vintage cars running around every single corner of the city. From fucsia to yellow to turquoise, these old school cars put a Prius to shame! The owner of this car was looking at us taking pics of his car from his balcony and to our surprise, he told us with a big smile “you can go inside, it’s…
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Cuba Photo Diary + tips for first time visitors

That feeling when you dream about visiting a country for years and you finally chance to go. You arrive there and it just feels surreal and you want to document every.single.moment because you don’t ever want to forget a thing.  That was Cuba for me. I know that it is not all rainbows and unicorns there, but it has a special charm that captivated my heart. The kindness and “viva la vida” kind of attitude of its people was so…
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What to pack to a tropical destination (using one carry-on suitcase)

I managed to pack for a 2 week holiday in Tulum and Cuba using just ¾ of my carry on. Say whaaat? Yes, it is possible to go minimalistic and still rock those #OOTD photos. I thought about hitting ASOS and buying whole new outfits for this holiday but I realized I’d rather get creative with my existing summer staples and save space for souvenirs – and I’m so glad I did! If you’re heading to a beach destination soon…
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