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Cute Dog Gifts on Amazon under $30
My Poodle Diary

Cute Dog Gifts on Amazon Under $30 – 2021 Edition

Are you on the hunt for cute dog gifts on Amazon? Here’s a selection of beautiful and high-quality finds under $30. Featured Products (all 4.5 star rating and above): Extra Softness and Fluffy Lightweight Micro Plush Fleece Pet Blanket Malier Dog Collar with Bow tie MozartPets Dog Lick Mat (4 Pcs) – Lick Mat for …

My Poodle Diary

Puppy’s First Time Swimming at Wag & Wild (Singapore)

Ever since we read that poodles tend to love swimming, we knew we wanted to give Oliver the opportunity to experience water in a fun & safe environment. Following a fellow dog owner’s recommendation, we ventured out to Jurong East to Wag & Wild, Singapore’s largest dog waterpark. How It Works You simply purchase a …

Red Toy Poodle Potty Training
My Poodle Diary

7 Tips for Puppy Indoor Potty Training

Indoor puppy training is one of the first challenges that any new dog owner has to go through after welcoming a fur baby into their home. Those first few days are messy, a bit stressful yet so memorable! Even though we eventually transitioned to outdoor potty, we started out with indoor potty training given he …

Red Toy Poodle Singapore
My Poodle Diary

7 Things I Regret Buying for My New Toy Poodle Puppy

When we first got Oliver, our red toy poodle puppy, all we cared about was making his transition into our home as smooth as possible. We made it a point to give him lots of attention, affection, and a comfortable puppy-friendly environment. As part of that, we didn’t hesitate to spend money on products if …

My Poodle Diary

Meet my Toy Poodle Puppy

This is Oliver, our recent addition to our family! He is a Red Toy Poodle born in Singapore. We couldn’t be more in love with him. He has brightened up our lives in a way I cannot describe in words. As first-time dog owners, the learning curve is steep but worth it. In this new …