I stopped bringing my phone to bed and this is what happened

“I’ll browse Instagram for 10 minutes and then go to sleep”, I’d tell myself. 30 minutes (and sometimes 1 hour) would usually go by without me noticing. Trapped in an Instagram rabbit hole again. When I finally got the courage to switch off my phone, my brain was so over stimulated I couldn’t fall asleep… That was me every evening. I’m sure you can relate. This year I decided to change so challenged myself to a new year’s tech resolution:…
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How to stick to your daily workout routine

I’ve never been a sports person. I frequently go hiking and do yoga but I’m not a big fan of heavy duty workouts and I honestly hate gyms. But somehow I’ve fallen in love with a routine that involves spending 40min at the gym every day. How did that happen?! Well, I was starting to feel a bit restless and moody in the morning and I knew it was lack of exercise (yoga and hiking once a week was not enough to…
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Why I’m a weekday vegetarian

How to be healthy and maintain an ideal weight is one of the most discussed subjects among my group of girlfriends, and it’s a topic that fascinates everyone. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a good life and optimal health? 5 years ago, a healthy lifestyle seemed pretty much unattainable for me though. I was working crazy hours, struggled with relationships at work and was feeling very lonely. I used to get sick at least once a month and the…
Hong Kong
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Coconut oil as an eye make up remover

Today I wanna talk about one of my favourite things on earth, ever: Coconut Oil! I even attempted to start a blog to talk exclusively about coconut oil a few years ago – it was called sheiscoconuts.com (true story). Obviously that did not last long because well, I eventually ran out of things to write about it. BUT my love for it has not changed and I continue to spread the word about it at every opportunity. I know that by now a…
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