How morning walks have changed my life for the better

Gosh it’s March already! – how are you keeping up with your fitness resolutions? I have to admit that I haven’t been able to make much progress in that department and there’s a couple of reasons (excuses?) for that. Firstly, we moved countries (we relocated from Hong Kong to California in January), and naturally we were busy settling in and all that. Then, just when I was getting started on a yoga routine, I had a really bad case of…
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How to stick to your daily workout routine

I’ve never been a sports person. I frequently go hiking and do yoga but I’m not a big fan of heavy duty workouts and I honestly hate gyms. But somehow I’ve fallen in love with a routine that involves spending 40min at the gym every day. How did that happen?! Well, I was starting to feel a bit restless and moody in the morning and I knew it was lack of exercise (yoga and hiking once a week was not enough to…
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