NYC food spots that are worth the hype

New York has been on my bucket list for years so when we finally booked a trip in May, I was beyond excited to see and feel the energy of this city. We were lucky to stay in East Village, which is one of the most up-and-coming gourmet destinations in Manhattan. Seeing so many options around us, we felt inspired to try as many restaurants as possible. With that in mind, we gathered recommendations from friends, travel blogs and our local…
New York
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Hong Kong Cafes: Polygon Cafe

There’s a few cafes that I find myself going repeatedly. Mainly because I like trying new places, and secondly, because many times the experience is good but not “great” = not worth going again. Polygon Cafe is different though – they managed to create a very relaxed and cozy ambience that make it the perfect lazy Saturday hangout. I love taking my laptop and sit on the window seat that faces a quiet alleyway. If I’m with friends, I head…
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Amber Coffee Brewery (Hong Kong)

When a trendy cafe opens just 3-4 blocks from your house, the excitement is real. Last weekend finally made my way to new kid on the block “Amber Coffee Brewery” in Sheung Wan (Hong Kong). The cafe features a modern chic decor blue and gold accents and incorporates Chinese art details such as the beautiful ink ceramic cups and blue tiles on the entrance floor (that I couldn’t resist taking a shoefie with) One thing to note is that the…
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Cafe Kitsune (Tokyo)

While walking around Minami Aoyama during my last Tokyo trip, I stumbled upon Cafe Kitsune. I had seen pictures all over Instagram of the Parisian Cafe Kitsune and was so pleasantly surprised that there was one in Tokyo too. I had to go inside and try their coffee! The shop front is so photogenic. Try passing by it without taking a few pictures for your Instagram – impossible. The outside seating area features bamboo panels that give the space an airy…
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Elephant Grounds (Hong Kong)

Last weekend we decided to check out the recently opened Elephant Grounds Cafe in Wanchai. I had visited the tiny shop in Gough Street (Central) a while ago and I remember thinking this cafe deserved a bigger space. Happy to see it finally happened! It was already 5pm so I decided to go for a non caffeine option and try their Matcha Latte. It was really delicious and super filling. I got some weird looks when I put my latte over the…
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Winstons Coffee (Hong Kong)

Today I finally tried out Winstons Coffee, a tiny cafe located right next to Sai Ying Pun MTR station. From the friendly service to the delicious lattes and cute interior decor, this cafe is doing it right. If you are in the area, definitely check it out! Winstons Coffee Shop 4, 213 Queen’s Road West Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong
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