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5 Unmissable Spots in Córdoba City (Argentina)

Córdoba is the second biggest city in Argentina after Buenos Aires. I have to admit that before visiting, I expected it to be “just another big city”… Oh, how wrong I was!

Given the fact that the city hosts 7 major universities, its population is young and energetic and there is a unique & vibrant cultural scene.

There is also lots to explore in terms of architecture and history related to the Jesuits, who settled here when they first arrived in Argentina centuries ago.

Keep on reading to learn about 5 unmissable spots in Córdoba City for any first-time visitor.

Plaza San Martin

This is the start-point for any first-time visitor. Most if not all major colonial-era sights are within blocks from this lively park.

Iglesia Catedral

This cathedral was built in the 16th century and despite its eclectic architecture, it features a beautiful structure and even more lavish interior.

Iglesia de los Capuchinos

By far the most beautiful and photogenic church in Córdoba, in my opinion. It’s a bit further away from the city center but it’s worth stopping by to admire this neo-gothic architectural gem.

Jesuit Block

In 2000, UNESCO declared this iconic site a World Heritage site. Don’t miss the Colegio Nacional de Monserrat (built in 1782) just next door.

Museo de la Memoria

If you’re interested to learn about a dark chapter in Argentina’s contemporary history, don’t miss Museo de la Memoria. This place was formerly used as a clandestine center for detention and torture during the military dictatorship.

Where to Eat in Córdoba City

Bruncheria | Chic decor, yummy food and all the hipster vibes. Perfect for late brunch.

El Papagayo | Elegant restaurant serving local flavors with a touch of Mediterranean flair.

La Parrilla de Raul | One of the most famous parrillas (steak houses) in the city.

Cafe Montserrat | Old-school traditional cafe just minutes away from Plaza San Martin. Great for people watching!

Where to Stay in Córdoba City

Hotel Azur Real | Stylish little boutique hotel with a rooftop deck and pool area. Rating on Superb 9.3. Book here

Windsor Hotel | Great location in downtown Cordoba. The rooms have been renovated with modern fittings. Rating on Superb 9.1. Book here

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