My Poodle Diary

Meet my Toy Poodle Puppy

This is Oliver, our recent addition to our family! He is a Red Toy Poodle born in Singapore.

We couldn’t be more in love with him. He has brightened up our lives in a way I cannot describe in words.

As first-time dog owners, the learning curve is steep but worth it.

In this new section of the blog My Poodle Diary, I aim to write about all the wonderful experiences we’re going through while raising our puppy. From potty training to diet, exercise, fun, trick training… I want to share what I’ve learned, the ups and downs and all the stuff in between.

For now, let’s start with a Meet My Dog Q&A!

What is your pet’s name?


How did you come up with the name, does it have any specific significance?

Oliver is such a sweet-sounding name and we thought it matched his personality. No other reason than that!

How old is your pet?

He is 5 months now as of February 2021.

When did you get your pet?

We welcomed Oliver into our lives in December 2020 when he was 3 months old.

What breed is your pet?

Red Toy Poodle

How old were you when you got your pet?

35 – better late than never!

How did you get your pet?

We got him from a pet shop in Singapore.

What is your pet’s favorite game?

Fetch, although it took lots of patience to teach him how to play and he’s still brushing up his technique.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Go to the Dog Run at Bishan Park in Singapore on weekends where he can socialize with other dogs and run wild! You can check out our dog vlog here.

Do you go outdoors? If yes, where is your favorite place to go together?

Bishan Park, East Coast Park or Botanic Gardens in Singapore

What is a bad habit that your pet has?

He likes to grab our slippers and have a chewing session.

What is the best thing about your pet?

His sweet and innocent nature and the fact that he loves kids and babies.

What is the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done?

He jumped into the swimming pool in our condo.

What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner?

Feeling inadequate in the training department! I remind myself that things take time and practice.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner?

Seeing Oliver become a confident, happy dog day by day.

Does your pet have a nickname and what is it?

Chuchkin (totally random but it stuck)

Have you ever taught your pet any tricks if so, what?


Thanks for reading!

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