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Most Romantic Destinations for Couples Backpacking in South America

South America has some of the most romantic destinations in the world, especially for those adventure & nature lovers.

During our 4-month backpacking trip in Chile, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia, we visited a few places that really stood out as the perfect getaway for couples – whether it’s for the breathtaking views, the stunning architecture or the laid-back atmosphere.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are my top 5 most romantic destinations for those backpacking as a couple in South America.

1 – Arequipa (Peru)

Also known as “The White City” for the distinctive sillar rock architecture, Arequipa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in South America.

For a perfect day in Arequipa, grab your partner’s hands and get lost in the picturesque alleyways, visit the numerous art galleries and go for an intimate dinner at a cozy restaurant.

At night, Arequipa’s cathedral at Plaza de Armas lights up making it a memorable spectacle, best enjoyed with a Pisco sour in hand!

Most Romantic Destinations in South America
Arequipa Cathedral

2 – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Being from Buenos Aires myself, I might be a bit biased but there’s no doubt that this city oozes romance and passion. Maybe it’s the sensual Tango dancing, maybe it’s the unique combination of Latin and European flair…

The best way to enjoy Buenos Aires with your loved one is to stroll around the rose gardens at the Paseo el Rosedal in Palermo, drink a cortadito at a hipster cafe and try a tango dance class together.

For a romantic evening stroll, don’t miss a visit to Puerto Madero, a modern and trendy dockside area overlooking beautiful waterways and skyscrapers.

Most Romantic Destinations in South America
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

3 – Atacama Desert (Chile)

Atacama Desert offers the most dramatic, colorful and rare landscapes I’ve ever seen. The best thing about the Atacama is you won’t find crowds of tourists and most likely it will be just the two of you enjoying the incredible sceneries.

Atacama Desert is best enjoyed driving your own car so that you can stop and take in the views wherever and whenever you want to.

Some of the romantic experiences Atacama Desert has to offer are admiring the mind-blowing views of Aguas Calientes with its salt plains and pink volcanoes, watching the sunset from Moon Valley or stargazing at Atacama’s crystal clear skies.

Most Romantic Destinations in South America
Aguas Calientes, Atacama Desert

4 – Isla del Sol (Bolivia)

Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) is famous for offering incomparable views of the Andes and the magical Lake Titicaca. There is no noise, no motorized traffic and no distractions on the island. Time goes slowly here, making it a perfect place to enjoy some quality time as a couple.

Isla del Sol is just an hour’s boat ride from Copacabana so it can be visited on a day trip. To really immerse and disconnect, consider staying a night or two.

Most Romantic Destinations in South America
Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca

5 – Cuzco (Peru)

Cuzco is the gateway to Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu and an unmissable destination to see the beautiful blend of the pre-Inca, Inca and colonial Spanish influences.

To experience the charm and mystique of Cuzco head for the San Blas Quarter. Walking along the narrow and steep streets is an adventure of its own. From its numerous viewpoints, you can get privileged views of the city with its signature red rooftops and majestic Andes mountains.

In the evenings, enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the Plaza de Armas at one of the many restaurants that have outdoor balconies.

Most Romantic Destinations in South America
San Blas Quarter, Cuzco

Hope you enjoyed my picks. Let me know which destination intrigued you the most – I’d love to hear from you!

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