Visiting Arcosanti (Arizona)

This is the continuation of our Arizona Road Trip! On our way from Scottsdale towards Sedona, we spontaneously decided to take a detour in Arcosanti. I had seen pictures of the buildings before and was very curious to see what it was all about.

Located an hour north of Phoenix, Arcosanti is an “urban laboratory focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability”. As we approached Arcosanti, we were amazed to see such intricate architecture, which features an amphitheater, a bronze-casting apse and retro-futuristic buildings nestled literally in the middle of nowhere.

Arcosanti was conceived and built by Italian architect Paolo Soleri in 1970 and apparently its construction remains ongoing. Currently there’s a community of less than 100 residents and the occasional travellers that stay at the Arcosanti Hotel.

Arcosanti Architecture Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 2

Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 9
Views from the cafe

Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 6

Arcosanti Arizona Ceramics

Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 8
Arcosanti is famous for these ceramic bells that are sold worldwide and help to fund the project

It was a super windy morning so upon arrival we went straight into the cafe/gift shop for a little break. After that, we went on a self-guided tour of the site. We saw bronze-casting work stations, community areas and terraces. My first impression was that it felt a bit abandoned and solitary – it would have been nice to meet people who live or work there.

Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 10
One of the several work stations on the site
Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 12
Loving the earthy tones here

Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 3

Arcosanti Arizona - IN BETWEEN LATTES 14

Would I go back? Probably not, but it’s one of those places you want to go see for yourself and keep on your list of “most strange places I’ve been to“.

13555 S Cross L RdMayer, Arizona
Entrance: FREE.
Guided Tours available with suggested donation of $15 


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