How morning walks have changed my life for the better

Gosh it’s March already! – how are you keeping up with your fitness resolutions?

I have to admit that I haven’t been able to make much progress in that department and there’s a couple of reasons (excuses?) for that. Firstly, we moved countries (we relocated from Hong Kong to California in January), and naturally we were busy settling in and all that. Then, just when I was getting started on a yoga routine, I had a really bad case of tech-neck that made it impossible to even attempt a downward facing dog.

I knew I needed my neck and back to rest and heal but without a daily dose of exercise I was starting to feel lethargic and heavy. Under such circumstances, I found myself with no other choice than going on morning walks around the neighbourhood to keep myself moving.

Now… I don’t know about you, but I never considered walks to be “real exercise” and even found them slightly boring unless it involved a hike or a jog, or getting myself to a destination.

That was me until I actually gave it go and started a daily morning walk routine that has literally rocked my world.

For the past 3 weeks, I get up, drink some water and head out for a 30-45min around my neighborhood. With no determined route, I just let my mood and intuition guide me.

The health benefits of daily morning walks have long been discussed – some claim that daily walks can add 7 years to your life! I’m not really sure about that, but I can confidently say that going on daily morning walks has changed my life for the better, and here’s why:

I start the day with an energy boost

No matter how sluggish I may feel in the morning, after my walk I’m full of energy, positivity and good vibes! I also get a sense of accomplishment for getting some sort of exercise checked off my list.

I get my creative juices flowing

I’m not sure what it is, but walking opens up the free flow of ideas and creative juices. During my walks, I come up with the most ramdom (but awesome) ideas, whether it’s a new project, business idea or simply a change I want to do in my life.

I discover new places

I’ve discovered so many gems in my neighborhood! From rock parks, narrow pathways and even a lake – taking time to observe my surroundings has led me to find so many hidden gems that I would otherwise never know of.

I learn new things

While I walk, I normally enjoy being in silence but occasionally I would listen to a podcast. I’m a huge fan of Good Life Project and How I Built This – so much inspiration and insights.

Lastly, I feel relaxed mind, body and soul.

As you may have already guessed by my previous fitness related posts, I’m not a huge fitness fanatic and I struggle (like most of us) to keep up with a fitness routine. That’s why what I wear makes an impact on my motivation. I need clothes that make me feel confident, positive and cute! I love Glitter Active‘s sportswear line because they are not only high-quality and functional, but they are also uplifting and remind me not to take myself too seriously. This Haute Messย tank is one of my favourite things to wear at the moment. If you’re looking for new gym clothes that make you smile, make sure you check them out here!

Jewel Lake in Tilden Park
Can’t resist taking a pic of these beautiful trees ๐Ÿ™‚
How I feel after my walks. Confident, happy and ready to take the day!

Top: Glitter Active
Leggings and Hoodie: H&M
Running Shoes: The North Face

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  1. analmaster says:

    you probably have a hard time motivating yourself to gym because you’re already so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

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