5 Tips for Healthy Skin while Flying

Long haul flights can be tedious (especially if you’re flying economy), but can also present an opportunity to leave your phone aside for a while and catch up on some reading, movies and podcasts with zero interruptions (hope free WIFI on planes doesn’t become a thing anytime soon!)

Before I indulge in all that, I make sure I condition and hydrate my skin well. They say air time can wreak havoc on your skin due to the recycled air that tends to suck moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

Today I thought I’ll share some skincare tips that can help counteract these effects so that you can hopefully arrive at your destination looking radiant!

1. Remove your make up before boarding the plane

Every skincare routine starts with a fresh clean face and flights are no exception. I usually don’t wear any make up on the day I fly but on those rare days that I do, I make sure I cleanse my face before I board on the plane. If you follow me for a while you would know I’m a coconut oil cleanser fanatic but when I’m on the move I tend to go for more handy options such as this honey cleanser by W.ANT. It smells divine (it’s made of more than 60% raw honey!) and removes all my make up effortlessly. I find that it works better if you massage it well on your face for a few minutes and then remove the product residue with a warm wipe.

2. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser + with a few drops of facial oil

Once my face is clean, I apply lots of moisturiser on my face and neck (don’t forget about the neck!). I continue to love this face cream by Springfields. The trick here is to compliment your face cream with a few drops of facial oil. I recently read an article by a celebrity skincare guru that layering face oil on top helps lock the moisture better and longer. I tried it and it totally works!

Smart tip: When you want to apply moisturizer, wash your hands first, either in the airplane restroom or with a moisturizing antibacterial wipe.

3. Top up on moisture with a facial mist every 1-2 hours

Try not to spray onto your neighbour’s head though! (True story: I was having a spritz party and woke my husband up after he felt something wet on his head haha). This facial mist by W.ANT is perfect for flights because it smells like lavender so it gives you an extra soothing and calming effect. Love it.

4. Apply a sheet mask

This is optional, but if you have sheet masks piling up in your vanity drawer, why not take one with you on the flight? You may earn a few weird stares but hey it’s totally worth it.

5. Remove impurities after the flight with a clay mask

After I arrive to my destination or hotel, I like to deep cleanse my face with a scrub or clay mask. This ginger clay scrub mask is super easy to use (just add a little water to it) and depending on the consistency, it can be used as a light scrub or thick mask – whichever you feel like.

All of the above has to be accompanied with lots of water ingestion during the flight of course! It’s easy to forget to drink water but there’s really no other way around it.

If you’re in the hunt for natural skincare, check out W.ANT. They carry a beautiful line of handcrafted, natural and multi-tasking products to cater different needs. 

What is your flight skincare routine like? Share your tips, I’d love to know!



W.ANT has kindly gifted me products for review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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