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Last year I wrote a post raving about using coconut oil as an eye make up remover. As a serial oil cleansing fanatic, I developed a system to ensure I always have coconut oil at hand: I buy a large jar and then fill little containers and place them in my vanity, bathroom, work desk drawer and I also have one that is exclusively for travel use.

Two issues I experience with this though: 1) I don’t feel comfortable carrying a coconut oil bottle for fear of spillage, 2) if the coconut oil solidifies because of low temperatures, it is a hassle to melt it and it doesn’t slide well on my face.

So when I discovered Coco Betty‘s coconut oil make up wipes, I got really excited to incorporate them in my on-the-go beauty essentials.

The wipes are soaked in pure organic coconut oil and because it does not include any toxic water-based ingredients it doesn’t dry or irritate your skin unlike the regular wipes out there.

Coco Betty Wipes

It removes the most stubborn mascara so easily! 

They are individually packaged, making them super convenient to carry around. Genius, right?

Coco Betty Wipes

Coco Betty Wipes

Coco Betty products are biodegradable, vegan and not tested on animals.

Read more about the brand here:

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