A Quick Guide to Getting a Tailor-Made Dress in Hoi An (Vietnam)

If you’ve ever been to Hoi An, or Vietnam for that matter, you will know that custom-made clothing is a big thing there. You can create any design you want and the talented tailors will be able to recreate it for you in a couple of hours and for less than what you would pay for a similar item in H&M. So when I went pass this tailor shop in the old town area and saw the beautiful linen fabrics, I felt I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to design my very own summer dress.

The whole process of picking the fabric color, deciding on the shape, length, and details was so much fun! I can understand why people love making their own clothes. It’s a special thing to create something unique and that nobody else has!

It was insanely hot in Hoi An, so I thought it would be appropriate to get a casual and airy dress that I can wear during this holiday but also urban chic enough to wear in Hong Kong. I got this dress made at Mrs Han at Phong Cach Thoi Trang in Hoi An – highly recommended!

For the design, I went for a slightly vintage vibe with the neckline cut and slightly thick straps. The dressmaker lady suggested fabric-covered buttons, which definitely added a cute touch.

Here are my tips for getting a dress made in Hoi An (and increase your chances of success!)

  • Have a fabric and color in mind prior to the appointment- don’t choose randomly on the spot or just follow the seamstress’s suggestion. You know what suits you best!
  • If the fabric color is light and see-through, discuss in advance whether to include lining (as a default, they won’t do lining unless you ask)
  • Take pictures/screenshots with you to illustrate what you want. It will help the seamstress visualize it better.
  • Don’t forget about the details such as buttons, plackets, zips, etc. You may want to see what color/design they will use for those.
  • This is one tip if you’re getting clothes made in Asia: there are many shops that are just storefronts and don’t make the clothes, they actually outsource it, which increases the chances of your vision getting lost in translation. For better results, always go for shops where you can speak directly to the tailor who will be making the clothes for you.
  • Lastly, don’t wait until the last minute to order your clothes. Chances are you will need 1-2 fittings before they finalize the item so allocate some spare time for that.

In case you’re interested to know, I paid less than $20 USD for this dress. Do you think it’s a good deal? I think so…!

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Pink Linen Dress
Custom made linen dress | straw bag from Mekong+ (Hoi An) | Sandals: Windsor Smith | Hat: ASOS (similar here) | Sunnies: Ray Ban
Pink Linen Dress
Custom made linen dress | straw bag from Mekong+ (Hoi An) | Sandals: Windsor Smith | Hat: ASOS (similar here) | Sunnies: Ray Ban

Straw Bag



Pink Linen Dress

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