5 Effortless Zero Waste Swaps

It’s no news that we are destroying the planet with the excessive use of plastic in our modern lives. It is especially evident in Hong Kong, where it is said more than 2000 tonnes of polystyrene, industrial and commercial plastic is thrown out daily (gosh!)

If you google “zero waste swaps” you will find tons of ideas on how you can reduce your daily waste. I decided to start with the easiest ones and work my way up from there… Hopefully these ideas inspire you to be conscious about this environmental issue. We’re in this together!

1. Carry a reusable bento box and cutlery to avoid all the plastic that comes with your take away meals

Bento Box
2. Say no to supermarket plastic bags! BYO grocery tote bag

tote bag 2
Tote Bag by Depeapa on Etsy

3. Swap liquid soap/shampoo for good old bars. Bonus: less toxic ingredients if you buy handmade ones!
Soap by Herbivore Botanicals

4. Bring your own cup to your fave coffee shop


Stainless Steel Thermal Wares | TIGER CORPORATION U.S.A.
Tiger Tumbler

5. Ditch make up remover wipes and opt for reusable face towels

Face towels
Photo Credit: In the Gloss

What zero waste swaps are part of your routine? I’d love to know!


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