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Best souvenirs to buy in Tulum

Tulum (and Mexico in general) has the most quirky & artsy items and it inspires you to inject some colour into your life. With a hectic travel schedule ahead of us, I was not able to purchase as much as I would have loved to, but if you’re lucky enough to have extra space in your suitcase (and your home), consider buying some of these beautiful souvenirs!

Handmade Dream Catchers

Decor Shopping in Tulum


Decor Shopping in Tulum

Mayan Calendar

Tulum Souvenirs

Handpainted Skulls

Tulum Souvenirs

Ceramic Items

Hand painted bowls

Best areas to shop

Along the Tulum Beach Zone, the most chic boutiques were in between Ahau and Be Tulum resorts. I especially liked La Llorona, Mexicarte and Wanderlust.

Shopping in Tulum

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