What to wear on a boat + some tips

It’s getting warm in Hong Kong which means Junk Boat season is open!

For those of you who don’t live or know much about Hong Kong, going on a boat trip to many of the beautiful islands is THE summer past time. Food, drinks, long chats with friends while taking a dip in between – what’s not to love, right?

I remember the first time I was invited to a boat trip, I had no idea what to expect, what to bring, what to wear… So I decided to put together a little post with my take on how to look chic and effortless on a boat + some personal tips. Hope you find these helpful!

What to wear on a junk boat in Hong Kong
Wearing: ASOS straw hat (similar here), H&M swimming suit (similar here), H&M cut offs (similar here)

Preparation is key
Show up to the boat with your swimsuit already on. I even apply sunscreen at home so that I have one less thing to worry about when the fun is getting started – believe me, when the boat sets off you’ll be busy taking pictures and catching up with your friends. Don’t forget to re-apply later though!

In terms of make up, I usually go for a natural look that consists of concealer, blush and tinted lip balm. I avoid putting on eyeliner or mascara at all cost – panda eyes, no thank you!

The day before the boat trip, I also like to paint my nails and toes (or retouch them). Whether you like it or not, people will be looking at your feet so you might want them to look presentable, right?

When it comes to clothing, comfort is everything
On the boat, you will be wearing just your swimwear most of the time so forget about fancy dresses or delicate fabrics and go for basic, comfy clothes. For this trip, I went for a pair of cut off shorts and my one-piece from H&M (similar here). Easy peasy.

If you are planning to do wakeboarding or any other water sports, I recommend bringing a pair of shorts for extra protection.
There’s a chance your swimwear will be dry by the time you come back to the city, but just in case, make sure you bring a spare top and underwear for changing into before arriving onshore. Wearing dump swimwear underneath your outfit is never pleasant!

And of course, don’t forget to bring two towels (one for lounging on the deck and another small one for drying off)

Leave your precious jewelry at home
Ok, so this is a super personal preference but I feel paranoid about losing or ruining my jewelry while swimming so I always opt for not wearing any rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Boring I know, but it gives me peace of mind. Also, I suggest you take a cheap pair of sunglasses rather that fancy ones – I can’t even tell how many times I’ve seen people drop them in the water, step on them or even leave them behind on the boat.

Most importantly, have fun
Boat trips are a great chance to have long chats with old friends as well as getting to know new people. Take lots of silly pictures, get a nice sun tan on the deck (and maybe some zzzz), drink and be merry!


What to wear on a junk boat in Hong Kong
What to wear on a junk boat in Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s beautiful waters
What to wear on a junk boat in Hong Kong
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What to wear on a junk boat in Hong Kong
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