A day in Peng Chau (Lantau Island)

Peng Chau is a small island located in Lantau. After a hectic work week, it was the perfect quick getaway to relax and enjoy the nature.

HK getaways_Peng Chau_1

Peng Chau is served by ferries from Central pier 6

HK getaways_Peng Chau_2

The journey takes 20-30 minutes

HK getaways_Peng Chau_3

Tip: Once you get there, don’t forget to check out the timetables for the return ferry 

HK getaways_Peng Chau_4

Pintoresque restaurant facades

HK getaways_Peng Chau_5

Bliss… Soak it all in

HK getaways_Peng Chau_9

No cars in this island, only bicycles

HK getaways_Peng Chau_7


HK getaways_Peng Chau_6

The views always make the trip worth it

More things to see in Peng Chau here

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