5 Travel-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (2019 Edition)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re probably on the hunt for a thoughtful, functional yet affordable gift for your partner, husband or boyfriend. Does he love to travel as much as you do? Consider gifting him a travel accessory for your next adventure together. Check out these Valentine’s Day travel-inspired gift ideas for the man in your life (all under $50!) 5 Travel-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him – 2019 Edition This post contains affiliate links. If you…
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Travel Gift Ideas

5 Stylish and Practical Hiking Boots for Women 2019

When it comes to hiking shoes for women, we’ve been made to believe that comfort and style don’t go together. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Do you love the outdoors but also care about feeling chic and confident when taking on the trail? Then 2019 may be the year you finally ditch your old pair of hiking shoes and invest in one of these 5 stylish and timeless boots. Read on to find the perfect pair of…
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What to pack for your Sri Lanka trip

Packing for Sri Lanka can be overwhelming, I know! Depending on which region and what time of the year you visit, your travel essentials will be different. The first time we went to the tea plantation region of Nuwara Eliya years ago, I remember it was quite chilly and found myself having to wear the same jacket every day because that’s all I had taken with me, thinking it was going to be tropical weather! #facepalm This year we visited…
Sri Lanka
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My Wardrobe Staples

Summer Vacation Packing Essentials

Summer is finally in full swing and you’ll probably counting the days until your next getaway, barbecue gathering or camping trip. So many fun things to do, so little time! On this post I wanted to share my summer travel wardrobe essentials to help you pack for your next adventure. These are the items that I see myself packing again and again every year. My focus is on comfortable, versatile and timeless pieces that allow me to travel light and…
Los Angeles
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My holiday handbag essentials

When on holiday, you want to carry just the minimal essentials, especially if a lot of walking is involved (there’s nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag with you all day while sightseeing). I used to take too little in my handbag before and I would many times to end up buying stuff on the go such as tissue papers or bottled water, which is a complete waste and so easily avoidable with better prep in advance. Currently, I have…
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Coconut oil as an eye make up remover

Today I wanna talk about one of my favourite things on earth, ever: Coconut Oil! I even attempted to start a blog to talk exclusively about coconut oil a few years ago – it was called sheiscoconuts.com (true story). Obviously that did not last long because well, I eventually ran out of things to write about it. BUT my love for it has not changed and I continue to spread the word about it at every opportunity. I know that by now a…
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