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Hello, I’m Maria. Welcome to my blog!

In Between Lattes is a travel and lifestyle blog where I share my adventures around the world. With beautiful photos as well as useful information & tips, I aim to inspire my readers to travel more and discover new destinations.

My Story

My passion for travel started at a young age. Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), I went on my first overseas trip by myself at the age of 15. I did a homestay in Japan for one month living with local families. On that trip I fell in love with the Japanese people, nature, food… and from then on I knew I wanted to move and live there.

Fast forward to high-school graduation, I was incredibly lucky to be granted a scholarship that allowed me to go back to Japan on a 5-year undergrad program. Those years were the most challenging yet most exciting & formative for me. I became fluent in Japanese, met students from all over the world and started to explore Asia.

After Japan, I moved to Singapore, where I met my husband. Together we then moved to Hong Kong, where we both worked at corporate jobs for 3 years.

We both have a serious case of wanderlust and love to go on adventures as much as we can. Some of our most memorable experiences are sleeping in yurts in Mongolia, hiking the red sand dunes in Namibia and walking on glaciers in Patagonia.

2018: Our sabbatical year

After spending 6 months in California, we both quit our jobs and we’re traveling the world for the whole year! It feels like a dream come true. Some of the places we’re planning to visit are Sri Lanka, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador. I cannot wait to share our experiences with you. Follow along our journey on Instagram: @inbetweenlattesblog

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