5 things to pack to make your Airbnb stay feel like home

Greetings from our current Airbnb in Berkeley, California!

In case you’re wondering what brought us here, my husband will be attending a semester at UC Berkeley as part of his MBA program. First time in the US for me so I’m taking it all in – the nature, the food, the people… I’m excited to share more about this city and my first impressions in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Before flying here from Hong Kong, we booked an Airbnb close to the campus for the first two weeks while we search for a long-term accommodation. We couldn’t believe our luck when we were able to secure a lovely place in Berkeley Hills on the third day of our arrival – we can’t wait to settle into our new home next week!

In the meantime, we are really enjoying our stay in our Airbnb. Despite its proximity to the campus, our Airbnb is located in a street that is residential, quiet and full of trees. The host is a retired history teacher with impeccable taste that likes to collect beautiful art pieces from all over the world. Coupled with the mustard colored walls, it all comes together to make a warm and charming atmosphere.

Which brings us to today’s topic… how to make your Airbnb stay feel homely? It’s not only about the decor of the house (and how nice your host is) – those things of course help a lot, but I learned that there’s a few items that you can bring with you to take the coziness and hygge levels up a notch.

If you’re traveling and staying at an Airbnb, I highly recommend adding these items to your packing list. I swear it will make a huge difference!

Your favorite tea

As much as I like to try new things while I travel, there’s nothing more comforting that sipping your fave tea in the evening after a long day out sightseeing. Recently I’ve become obsessed with this Redbush (Rooibos) Vanilla tea that my mother in law introduced me to during our stay in the UK. It is caffeine free and the gentle vanilla flavor satisfies any sweet cravings that may attack after dinner.

I’ve been to a few supermarkets here and I haven’t seen this or any similar tea so I’m so happy that we brought our own!

Comfy (and presentable) loungewear

If you’re staying in a room at your host’s house, chances are you will be interacting with him/her and other guests as well i.e. share a meal or watch a movie together or simply have conversations in the living room. While you want to be in comfy clothes, you also want to be presentable (and not make others feel uncomfortable!). For that reason, I find that it’s always wise to bring a few chic loungewear pieces. Uniqlo, Cotton On and H&M have a great (affordable) selection to choose from.

A fluffy robe

Bringing your own robe to your Airbnb is seriously a game changer. Before I bought myself one for the first time (at the age at 32…better late than never!), I used to change in the bathroom right after my shower. It was a total mess, but those days are over now that I have my own robe. I can slide in and out the shower and off to my room feeling comfy and light and I don’t have to rush to get dressed in a steamy bathroom again! I got mine from Cotton On. It’s so soft it feels like a teddy bear is hugging you (can’t describe it better than that haha)

Your own slippers

Going to someone’s home, you can never assume what the flooring situation will be. Shoe-less? Wood? Carpet? Shoes allowed? Whatever it might be it doesn’t matter to me because I’m ready to step in on my trusty & beloved slippers. Nothing screams more “homely” than your own slippers, am I right?

A snuggly throw

This is specially crucial if you’re traveling in winter months. Bringing your own throw will bring the hygge levels to the roof. If your luggage capacity allows it, go for it! I even take it with me on the car to warm up my legs or use it as a pillow.

What are some of your must-haves when staying at an Airbnb or hotel? Share in the comment section below!


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5 things to pack to make your Airbnb stay truly feel like home

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